JB Zings

The place for things that make my heart go zing.
The place where zingers belong.
And maybe even the place to zing a zong.

4 responses to “JB Zings

  1. Kate’s birthday today! 11/11. Always my baby, no matter how many birthday’s we’ve celebrated.

  2. John, It’s wonderful to participate in reading what’s on your zite. You are a riot and obviously well regarded, which is no surprise at all. Your trip pictures are wonderful, except that you’re a bit of a mystery man to anyone who doesn’t know you well in the photo above.

  3. Thanks, Lori! Welcome to Bowmanifesto. Feel free to post and play. As for the pic of my beloved and me, I look better wearing a little mystery. 🙂

  4. Mayrah Rocafort

    How very charming, John! Congrats on your site – came upon it by sheer happenstance – glad I did.

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