Spritz Me

It is natural for people to fear change. Uncertainty, unfamiliarity and potential-loss-of-how-we’ve-always-done-it are stumbling blocks to trying something new.

But some of us seek change. I bought my first Kindle the week it was introduced, so that I could read books as I traveled without breaking my back carrying them. That doesn’t mean I don’t continue to buy, read, and love traditional books.

Spritz transforms the way we read, optimized for mobile technology. On their site, http://www.spritzinc.com, you can give it a try. I did. My top speed was 600 wpm. Wow. What a rush [pun intended].

Does that mean I will abandon lingering moments dwelling on words of poetry, or traditional reading (and re-reading) of favorite passages from novels? Certainly not. Reading for pleasure deserves time. But reading for information deserves speed. So I say, bring it on, Spritz. This really is a breakthrough.


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