Daily Archives: March 12, 2013

Quest for QS

Until today, I didn’t know my self-assessment quirk had a name, much less initials and a movement to make it worldwide. Live and learn. It turns out Quantified Self (QS, for short) has a website, meetings, and a host of fanatic followers.

qs logo

For me, it all started with a fitbit. As an early adopter, mine arrived the day it came out. I used it, liked it, uploaded it, downloaded it, and lost it within a month. So I bought another, to keep my “quantified self” updated. But that little beauty popped off my belt in a month, too. Then instead, I tried Nike+. Arrived on launch day, strapped it on my wrist, and quantified myself to a fare-thee-well until the usb contacts corroded six months later. Got another one. Still going strong. Now, I’ve added Withings to my arsenal, one to measure weight/BMI, plus another device for blood pressure.

At my healthiest in decades, I’ve got the numbers to prove it. That’s my QS OCD.