From Rights To Responsibilities

All of us in Connecticut are praying for, and grieving with, the families of the children who were slain at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.

All of us in America are struggling with two rights as citizens which now clash in mortal combat. The first, in our Declaration of Independence, is the right to life. The second, in a Constitutional Amendment, is the right to bear arms. On a continuing and increasing basis, the right to arms is killing our right to life.

It is now time to shift our national dialog from rights to responsibilities.

In my opinion, we, the people of the United States of America, have a prime responsibility to protect the precious and innocent lives of our children. In pursuing this belief, we must question any rights that interfere with carrying out this most important of all responsibilities. We must find the courage to stand up for those who can not protect themselves, and stand against those who would put personal rights above collective responsibilities for our children.

Many may hate me for what I have just written. Still, I hope many more will join in standing up for responsibilities to our children, and I pray for their wisdom.

If you agree, please pass this on.

3 responses to “From Rights To Responsibilities

  1. I am totally with you.

  2. Charlie & Patty Detjen

    We are more than happy to agree and will pass this on.

  3. Thank you, brothers. Pass it on. If enough Americans embrace collective responsibilities over individual rights, change will happen: Protecting Our Children Is Paramount.

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