Monthly Archives: January 2012

Union Forever

My great grandfather, Archibald Van Orden, carried this ribbon throughout the civil war. He believed the United States of America was destined to be “one nation, indivisible.” He laid his life on that line every day. He believed it when he was shot. He believed it when he was a prisoner of war. He believed it when he was released. He believed it when he rode to Appomattox the day Robert E. Lee surrendered. He believed it when he helped capture John Wilkes Booth, the slayer of Lincoln. Presidents can die. But Union can be preserved if we want it with all our hearts and strength. We must not let the divisive spirit of our times accomplish what war could not.

Beware Business Botox

All coupons are like Botox for businesses. They temporarily make them appear better than they actually are. But they become psychologically addictive, to maintain the illusion. They train other people to look only at the surface (price). And ultimately, as with any neurotoxin, they are deadly.