The Best Friend I Never Met

Steve Jobs has been my constant companion for over 25 years. Not in real life. But definitely in virtual life.

My first computer was an original Macintosh — the offspring of Steve’s unlimited imagination and unstoppable will to change the world. So strong was our connection that I nicknamed her “Maxine”. What adventures we shared.

Now Steve is gone, may he rest in peace. Though we never actually met, I feel as if I have lost a lifelong friend.

My deepest sympathies go to his loved ones. We cherish memories of the man who inspired us to Think Different.

2 responses to “The Best Friend I Never Met

  1. John – As a long time friend of yours – I’ve seen you your attachment to Apple products precede just about everyone I knew. In fact, you were a “fan boy” before it was cool…

    Your devotion taught me the true lesson of great branding. It is a lesson you and Steve taught me. I am grateful to you both. Thank you for sharing.

    Judy Shapiro

  2. A great article about a constant in all our lives ! I know at one point Beth was jealous of Maxine !

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