Vision 2020

The expression is usually 2020 Vision. But cleaning out my home office today, I came across 10 predictions I wrote in December 2007 about the year 2020. Take a read. In 10 years, let’s see if any of these turn out to be true.

In 2020…
… “Mainstream” will be a word of the past.
… Almost everybody will be a celebrity to somebody.
… Printed books will be like ancient artifacts.
… Doing only one thing at a time will be an oddity.
… Avatars will be everywhere.
… Parenting will be more communal.
… Immediate gratification will be an inalienable right.
… Eating together will rarely be about eating the same food.
… Conversations will be more turn-based than free-form.
… The Age Wars will ignite conflicts never before encountered.

I know some of this sounds funny. Some just odd. And some downright ominous. But I’m just calling them like I foresaw them three years ago. And so far, none of them seems way off base, whether I like it or not.

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