Monthly Archives: July 2010

Remember Red?

Red wine contains many wonders. One mystery that is now beginning to reveal itself is called resveratrol. That’s a compound within red wine that may unlock a very special gene. Sometimes referred to as the Longevity Gene, it’s sirtuin one (or SIRT1, for short). Science is proving that this gene not only prolongs life, but also boosts memory. So the next time anyone lifts a glass with me, let’s remember to make the toast with red wine.

Dawn of Disenchantment

On the Metronorth platform this morning, waiting for the 6:51 AM, blackberry in hand, typing away, I paused to hear the clicks all around me. Looking up, I saw that virtually everyone was lost in their own little worlds, doing the same thing as me. Almost like mass hypnosis. Then I looked higher and saw the beautiful dawn. As I gazed at its glorious rays, I put away my not-so-smart phone. And resolved to disenchant myself from it’s spell more often. Join me, comrades, for we have nothing to lose but the chains of the technologists.