What’s Your GPH?

I live in Bhutan. Not literally. But figuratively, I’m a citizen. Bhutan is espousing, for the sake of their society, GNH: Gross National Happiness. Through strategic intent, and the magic of measurement, they will move closer to realizing the goal of the founders of our country. The pursuit of happiness is a worthy goal. It should not be left to happenstance (as we have). Nor should it be measured by money (as we have). So I’m going to gauge my own Gross Personal Happiness.

One response to “What’s Your GPH?

  1. Joining you in Bhutan! My personal GNH is ever-rising, and I personally consider it my mission to help others locate and raise theirs. Let’s start the measurement!! Or at least the conversation. So happiness becomes as important as the usual complaint list, and then, one day…jumps ahead of it in line. (That picture makes me smile. But of course, my GNH is way too high already.)

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