Monthly Archives: April 2009

Outrage in NYC

The US terrorized NYC today by flying a jumbo jet and fighter jet over the hallowed ground and open wound of the WTC. For a horrible half hour, it was 9/11 again. The US casually and callously called this: “a photo-op.” In doing so, they dishonor our murdered countrymen and insult all New Yorkers, whose grief is still so raw and painful.

If any other country did to us what our government did today, we’d call it war.

NY, we need to demand 3 reparations:

1) A heartfelt apology by the US.

2) A resignation by the highest ranking US official who approved this travesty.

3) A promise this will never, ever happen again under any government.


With so many marketers flooding the airwaves with messages seeking to justify their prices, people just have to start wondering if ads protest too much. Value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

Spilling The Beans

When someone asks you a question, you tell them what you think. Or what you think you think. Or what you think they want to hear. That’s why, so often, what we learn from direct questions is not the truth. Even if the teller wants it to be. It’s also why much market research is wasted money. If you want to know the real deal, tell a secret about yourself. Then sit back. You’ll be astonished by revelations about things you never would have thought to ask.

Digital Samaritans

Do-gooders who find lost items that they want to restore to strangers have more ways than ever to locate them. Digital clues in cell phones, cameras, iPods, and other electronics, make the internet a global lost and found. Losing anonimity leads to regaining property.

What cranial speed-dial?

Turns out our brains contain an amazing molecule called PKMzeta that can connect neurons together. And that’s what connects thoughts, like a speed-dial. To make your own mental connections, read the article in the April 6 NYT about brain research.