What are the 4 C’s?

Culture. Community. Connections. Constants.

These 4 C’s affect every individual in ways we do not consciously realize, nor easily accept in America. Because we are founded on freedom, each of us tends to think of the self as a separate entity. But really, we’re all linked — even our personal health thrives on the 4 C’s, or suffers for lack of them.

3 responses to “What are the 4 C’s?

  1. What exactly do you mean by constants?

  2. Metaphorically, a constant is a north star, by which we can steer, even at night. Practically, in a world dominated by endless change, we need people, places, rituals and events that we can count on as dependable sources of comfort and connection.

    Medical evidence about this is quite compelling.

  3. That last one is so true, John.

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