Daily Archives: November 17, 2008

Raising The Roof?

Some NY schools, such as Fieldston, grow greens on their rooftops, to keep kids in touch with nature. The city’s youngest food critic, 12-year-old David Fishman, cultivated his taste for arugula in this rarified atmosphere.

Roofcrops — a beautiful idea.

Feeling Blue?

In a good way. Beyond “going green”, Going Blue influences not just the environmental dynamics of our world, but also the social, cultural, and economic aspects too.

Today, I began my own PSP (Personal Sustainability Project). I’m going to make No Mean Yes — by saying “no” when offered plastic bags in stores, so I can say “yes” to carrying on life without them.

Find out about what you can do to Go Blue: http://www.saatchis.com/local/home.asp